Amazon Book and Product Reviews Offer Introverts an Easy Way to Shine

Amazon Book and Product Reviews Offer Introverts an Easy Way to Shine

Writing an Amazon book or product review is an excellent opportunity for an introvert to get positive online exposure without worrying about having to engage in “conversation” with others.

You can choose any book or product on the site to write a review about. Obviously it’s better to choose books and products that “fit” with your personality or your online brand.

Yet you can write reviews of science fiction books if you love science fiction books even though you have an online clothing retail website. Those reviews make you a more interesting person than other online clothing retailers, and you get to share a “passion” of yours from the comfort of your own computer.

Here are the steps to start getting positive online exposure through Amazon even if you’re an introvert:

Step 1: Sign into your account. (You must at least once have bought something from Amazon in order to have an account.)

Step 2: Click on the words YOUR PROFILE under the GO button at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Click on the words EDIT YOUR PROFILE near the top right-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Fill out your profile. (Note: If you are a book author, you may have to change the name used by your Amazon account based on your credit card to your author name.)

Note that what you fill in for your SIGNATURE is very important because that’s what automatically appears every time you write a review on Amazon.

Step 5: Now search for a book or product on Amazon about which you want to write a review.

The point is to write short and well-written reviews that catch people’s attention and get you noticed because of your automatic Amazon signature. (When someone clicks on your signature, it links back to your Amazon profile page, where you can include a URL of your website.)

Step 6: To write a review scroll down any book or product page until you reach: Create your own review

Click on this, follow the instructions, and voila! Your Amazon automatic signature is now visible on this book or product page.

Tip: A two-paragraph review is a good length. One paragraph may appear insufficient, but there is no need to go on and on. Include the most important points in your review and don’t put in everything plus the kitchen sink.

This is a win-win opportunity. You’ve shared something of value with others – a clearly written review. And, even though you’re an introvert, people online are now beginning to know about you.

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