Selection of the Best CPA Review Books Today

Selection of the Best CPA Review Books Today

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First of all, we must understand that there are a lot of CPA review books these days that will present themselves as the Best CPA Review Book. While this may be true to others who have used certain books, it does not necessarily follow that one particular book will likewise be the Best CPA Review Book for us.

On the other hand, checking out at least some of these that have helped others pass the Uniform CPA Exam will give us a good idea of whether the same will work for us or if we need to further investigate on which one will truly be the best one for us.


Typically, CPA Review Centers have their own set of CPA books that come with the review courses that they are offering; or they offer these as separate study materials for those looking for more study literature as well as those wanting to review on their own.

For instance, Bisk CPA Review has self-study books that are sold in a set of four, or separately, depending on our preference. Becker likewise has textbooks that go with their review courses and we may yet find the Best CPA Review Book among all these books that these particular CPA Review Centers offer.

We may also check out other review centers that provide their own books if we are not satisfied with the ones listed here. Usually, these books are written by the review instructors themselves who are licensed CPA professionals and may even hold a Ph.D in Accounting.


Wiley provides CPA Review Books to individuals as well as a few other CPA Review Centers, such as Roger CPA Review. Wiley Books cover all the four parts of the Uniform CPA Exam and we may just find the Best CPA Review Book for a specific part of the exam from any of Wiley’s books.

Accounting Institute Seminars likewise has a number of books for each part of the CPA Exam and these may come in either electronic form or in paperback. Among these books are: CPA Review for Auditing and Attestation, CPA Review of Financial Accounting and Reporting, CPA Review of Regulation, Cost and Managerial Accounting, Accounting Applications of Present Value.

Any of these books may also be the Best CPA Review Book for us, again, depending on our preference and requirements. While CPA Review books generally cover all the four parts of the CPA Exam, these four parts are still subdivided into many categories, and here, we might want to check out the Best CPA Review Book for each of these sub-divisions as well.

One thing we have to remember though, is that our textbooks from college will be of no big help to us since what we need are updated books covering the CPA Exam.

Usually, textbooks are updated every two years or so and any one of these is definitely not the Best CPA Review Book! While these may have helped us pass our college courses, these may be way off already by the time we are going to take the CPA Exam.

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