Cheap Car hire Russia Reviews

Cheap Car hire Russia Reviews

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In every country, a certain place put up to house the most important things that played great parts in the unraveling of their history. A national museum, so to speak. Some national museums only contain stuff of historical relevance. There are others that far exceed these standards.

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Russia’s Hermitage Museum was once the home of the great Czars. Once upon a time, it was where issues of national proportions were discussed and decided. At one time, it had the seat of power. With the reign of Czars gone, the Hermitage fate has been decided to be the treasury of Russia’s Royal past. It contains 3 million artifacts with only a few on display.

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The Hermitage Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums.  It is a network of historic buildings such as the Winter Palace, Menshikov Palace, Staraya Derevnya Storage Facility, Museum of Porcelain and the east wing of the General Staff Building.

The museum is a federal state property. An entrance to the museum can cost more for international tourists than for locals. However, no fee is charged on the first Thursday of the month for all students. It is closed on Mondays. The Hermitage entrance is at the Winter Palace.

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Before you decide to feel the museum’s ambience and learn stuff, make sure you have booked your visit as strict schedules and demand is high. And make sure you have already booked for car hire. Car hire is important as the Hermitage is just one of the many tourist spots at St. Petersburg. You will probably be staying for a week or more to appreciate the national treasures in the city. Car hire will enable you to go around the city as you please and at your own pace. With car hire, you’ll be touring the Museum City of St. Petersburg as easy and fun as touring the Hermitage with a tour guide. GP


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