Cheap Car hire Thailand Reviews

Cheap Car hire Thailand Reviews

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Pattaya, Thailand is a modern tourist attraction that packs a lot of sights and amusement. Modern facilities like beaches and amusement parks take Pattaya away from the usual spiritual aspect of Thailand tourism. It has remarkable spots to enjoy at. Some of them are the Three Kingdoms Park, tropical gardens, a tiger zoo, an elephant village, a stone park, a crocodile farm, an orchid farm, a world-class Underwater World, cultural shows, museums and more.

* Rocking The Beach

Beaches might not be as satisfying as other tropical beaches but they still have that tropic touch that winter battered tourists can appreciate. Attaya beaches do pack a a punch on the adrenaline rush department. Tourists would bask in the sun not for the sights but for the fun things they can do. Pattaya beaches host beach various activities such as jetskiing, parasailing, diving, leisure flying, bungee jumping, swimming and fishing.

* This Is How We Party

The city is more of a party spot rather than a calm beach getaway. If there is a word that would describe Pattaya, party would be it. The city has grown over the years into a vibrant bar and restaurant scene. Tourists can basically do lots of activities day and night. It has a Walking Street known for its night time activities and scantily-clad beauties. Tourists can do watersports and shopping. Pattaya is all about fun. Go out when night fallss and you are bound to find it.

* Picture You Rollin’

Pattaya is 120 kms from Bangkok. Car hire is a perfect choice to get to Pattaya. If you stay in bangkok hotel for a night before proceeding to Pattaya, the hotel can arrange for a car hire.

Car hire are more comfortable than bus riding. You can have a car for yourself, if you do not feel like riding with locals for hours on your first day trip. Although buses are the cheapest means of transport, a personalize itinerary is far better than straight routes for travel starters. Hire a car of your choice and make the most out of your stay in Pattaya. Whether you tour by day or roll at night, car hire will come in handy, convenience-wise and safety-wise.


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