Second Generation Wireless Car MP3 Player Review

Second Generation Wireless Car MP3 Player Review

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If you had a personal car, you must be can’t help improving your love car’s audio system for the fun of driving will be reduced by half if there is no music in your car. So that choose an ideal car MP3 Player is inevitable. But the question is do you know the Car MP3 player deeply or don’t know it at all. Now let me introduce it and give some tips for you that may be useful.

Car MP3 player vs CD player

Compared with car CD player that used in car before, Car MP3 player is thinner, more convenient, more portable and powerful performance with reasonable price. So it is a trend that CD is replaced by MP3 player.

Wired Car MP3 player and the wireless

According to the signal transmission method, car MP3 player can be divided into two major categories that is the wired and the wireless.

The so-called wired Car MP3 player refers to those that transmit the encoded audio signal to the car stereo speaker through dedicated line. Wired Car MP3 player features low noise, high quality audio output. If you have high demands on sound quality and know how to install audio system, you can choose this kind of Car MP3 player.

As for the wireless Car MP3 player, it can be able to transmit audio signal that from MP3 to Car speaker in the form of wireless FM. Result from Car MP3 player no need circuit connection and fits almost all the car, it has already occupied the main territory of car audio devices system market.

So now let’s say something about the Wireless Car MP3 Player in detail and it is the theme of this article.

Two generations of Wireless Car MP3 Player

The Wireless Car MP3 Player can also divided into two generations. The first generation is powered by cigarette lighter and can be connected to cigarette lighter directly, which can still be found in the market about 10 kinds. The second generation of Wireless Car MP3 player comes with cell phone size, larger capacity and high quality audio output, which features audio controlled by the driver that can offer more secure using experience to the user.

Second Generation Wireless Car MP3 Player vs First Generation

1. Tone quality

The first generation wireless car mp3 players mainly apply rough radiating circuits to save cost, so a larger noise can’t be avoided. The second wireless car mp3 players are made of the latest transmit chip, which ensures the audio with high quality tone.

2. Working life

Powered by cigarette lighter that has no regulation system, the first generation of Wireless Car MP3 Player risks hidden damage problem caused by voltage surge. So that almost all manufacturers will warn their users do not plug Car MP3 on the car cigarette when the car just started or may cause over-voltage burn.

If you follow the guide fully, you must plug and pull-out repeatedly on your way, as a result it can easily cause damage to the cigarette lighter and even the MP3 player itself. So a ideal working time of the first generation of Wireless Car MP3 Player can’t be secured, however, the second generation of Wireless Car MP3 Player doesn’t have so kind of problem at all for its no need compatible with car cigarette lighter. In a conclusion, the second generation gets longer working time than the first generation one to a large extent.

3. Memory capacity

The first generation of Wireless Car MP3 Player only comes with 128M memory with merely dozens of songs, while the second generation is packed with 1GB or more memory capacity that can save more than 300 songs.

4. Frequency domain

The first generation of Wireless Car MP3 Player only gets 2 or 3 frequency domains, so it can not play once encounter interfering signal, while the second generation has 200 frequency domains for widely choose from.

5. Practical applicability

The first generation of Wireless Car MP3 Player can only play with car cigarette lighter or it will not work. The second one can become an ordinary MP3 player as long as you plug a headset in it even if you turn off the wireless signal transmitter, which features cool voice control.

6. Voice control system

Voice control technology has made considerable progress for recent years and has step into a very practical stage. It is worthy mentioning that the second generation of Wireless Car MP3 player features voice control. As long as you speak out the song name, a couple of seconds, you can get the right one from hundreds of songs. It is so convenient that can get rid of some uncertain factor when driving. It can be said that the voice control feature is just the second generation’s sweet spot and the most competitive advantage.

7. Price

Finally let’s talk about the price, the first generation of Wireless Car MP3 player priced from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, the second generation costs around $100. Usually the first generation gets a price advantage and has larger price range, but the second generation has a higher price performance. It is obviously that you should not only consider price, but comprehensive consideration needs to be done if you want to select an ideal MP3 player for your love car.


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