Kindle DX, Kindle DX Review

Kindle DX, Kindle DX Review

The Amazon Kindle DX is the king of the e-book readers, at least in terms of screen size.

On its 9.7-inch display can also be digital newspapers and magazines with high comfort. The proven e-ink technology of the Reader consumes power only when something changes on the display, eg when you switch pages. The display is monochrome, reminding of the representation of her actual book pages. Thanks to text-to-speech software can read the Kindle even a little. On the 3.3 gigabytes of internal memory holds up to 3,500 e-books. The case of the Amazon Kindle DX was always described as very high quality. For backpackers, the e-book reader but could prove to be too big.

Amazon has built into its e-book reader module with a mobile phone SIM card, so that the transfer of reading material even without a PC. The connection fees to the manufacturer kindly itself via the radio module has one for free access to the English-language Wikipedia page. As regards the supported formats Amazon is unfortunately quite reclusive. The widespread Epub format is not supported. Instead, the online bookseller is on the AZW format that exists almost exclusively in their own store. The offer is now unfortunately almost exclusively in English.

The operation of the Amazon Kindle DX appeared in each test extremely well thought out. The separate scroll buttons proved to be extremely practical. The same applies to the Navikreuz and the English QWERTY keyboard, the well-defined aufweisen pressure points.

Conclusion: The Amazon Kindle DX is currently one of the best e-book reader on the market. Technically it is no shame. Only the limited availability and the limited format support disturbing. German customers should therefore perhaps better to the models of Sony have recourse if they do not favor exclusively English literature.

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