Ebook Reader Reviews – Kindle 2 vs Nook vs iPad

Ebook Reader Reviews – Kindle 2 vs Nook vs iPad

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There are many eBook readers now coming to market and while Amazon had this space all to themselves for a while things are rapidly changing. Are the newcomers like Barnes and Nobles nook and Apple’s iPad worthy challengers? Let’s have a look in our Ebook reader reviews below.

While Nook and Kindle are similarly priced, the iPad is a much more expensive device. It maybe a little unfair to compare Apple’s iPad with the Nook and Kindle 2, however it is an ebook reader among many other things so we will include it here.

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The Nook and Kindle are very similar in both size and weight, so is the iPad, except a little heavier. Kindle uses e-ink technology to accurately re-create the look of printed paper of a book, as does the Noble while the iPad has and LED screen.

While the iPad costs a lot more, you are able to perform much more on the device. The app store entitles you to a wealth of entertainment and games, films and other applications such as tube maps and interactive language courses to name a few.

Kindle does not have an app store at all while the Nook is promised to support this too (though not as thoroughly as Apple’s device).

Really if you budget allows, the iPad is the obvious choice and many believe it has rendered the Nook and Kindle old fashioned already. If you solely just want an ebook reader however, the Kindle may just take the lead from the Nook due to it’s International coverage, and text-to-speech feature which reads the book to you.

It is personal preference which you prefer, however all three devices are worthy purchases and simply offer different features at different prices. Choose the features that are important to you and your decision should almost be made as to which is best for you. Ebook reader reviews are never easy with such devices, but you will be on to a winner whichever one you choose. Enjoy!

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