Site for free downloadable music, Older music lyrics, Totally free music and movie downloads”

Site for free downloadable music, Older music lyrics, Totally free music and movie downloads”

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Lets cut right down to it.When it comes to choosing a free music and movie site there’s a variety that’s tagged with a hefty price.I have had both good and bad experiences with these music free sites an will be sharing my personal opinion and what to look out for from me using some services my self.Some software charge you up to $.99 every time you download a song,movie,or game.

Others give you a 7 day trial or 14 day trial then after that charge you a set amount every month.Then there’s my favorite the once for a lifetime membership.So music fanatics can download all there music with no limits access millions of songs in the library both new and old without worrying about quality of songs,or per month,and per song fees this is good news for music heads.

Are downloading sites illegal this is a important question.Because some sites have legal permission and some don’t.However file sharing is completely legal burning and stealing to sell and not personal use an sharing on the network is copyright infringement which is punishable by law.


People love a one time payment for a lifetime membership.for that access unlimited games,video,and music for now on.Do some research to find the best site for your money.


From rap,Punk,R&b,pop,to sole everything some sites have limited selections.I would do research to see who offers

3.Huge selection of files

They need to have a large data base of songs and update there libraries daily.They most have new music not just old out dated songs.

4.Easy to use

Is the site easy to navigate through.Are the songs easy for you to to download them.Do they give you step by step directions on how to use the site.


Does it take a long time download songs.
do they just use regular speeds or can you also get turbo speed downloads.


This will tell you if ti’s rated highly or a poor product.

7.Tech support

The site should have quick responses to any question or problem you need answered about the site.all sites are not equal when it comes to support so make sure yours is top notch.

This is a perfect checklist when looking for a download #1 recommendation I’m using right now in my next article.You can also check reviews and forums on the topic. for free downloadable music/, Source:

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