Tampogo Business Review: Mlm Review Of The Online Discount Shopping Opportunity

Tampogo Business Review: Mlm Review Of The Online Discount Shopping Opportunity

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Every single day,  a home business is started from an individual who desires more freedom and income.  One of the biggest obstacles facing the masses of people who are searching for an online business opportunity is finding a business that offers real value to both the online and offline community.  You are probably wondering what is real meaning of real value?  Real value entails a legitimate business opportunity that solves a major problem facing society today. I am going to do an MLM review of a new network marketing opportunity called Tampogo that recently launched back in July of this year (2009).  This Tampogo review is backed by research and statistics that I am about to release to you.   

Network marketing scam is a topic that comes up most of the time especially when people search for a legitimate business opportunity. How does one go about avoiding a network marketing scam? Are these easy to detect?  With the right know-how,  I provide you with a simple guideline that anyone can follow that is based on a series of inquisitions pertaining to the MLM review you are conducting on an MLM company or industry.  Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before getting involved:

Does the company provide consumable products that are not only desirable to you, but also provide you with memorable benefits? If you can see yourself using this product for years to come,  then whether the company compensates you for your referral efforts shouldn’t be a priority in your decision-making buying process.

Does it solve a problem that you are currently facing?

Would you be ashamed to tell your friends and family about the remarkable benefits of the products? If you cringe at the thought of doing this type of social networking activity, then this business opportunity is not within the range of your comfort zone.  This lack of confidence in the product is the reason behind so many failures in home businesses today.  

In other words,  why would you use a product that you are not 100% confident in?  That is exactly what buyer’s remorse is. Do you remember the classic 20/20 episode on a network marketing scam being perpetrated by an MLM company selling water filters? Those distributors were literally spending about over a $1,000 a month on water filters in order to meet their monthly purchase quota for commission qualifications. The end result was a garage full of dust-gathering merchandise that was taking up more space each and every month.

Let’s say you are promoting an anti-aging skin care formula that you are passionate about. Who would be the perfect candidates for your product?  Would you give product samples to an 80 year old man whose skin care regimen (a bar of soap) is the same as the one he uses to wash his hands? This is the wrong target market. By focusing more of your attention on those who desire flawless skin,  you will come out ahead of the competition. It is not to say that there aren’t any “pretty boy” seniors out there like Regis Philbin that you can market your skin care line to.  The market is probably very small and close to the point of extinction.

Does that product encounter any fierce competition at all?  And if so,  how does that product differentiate itself from the crowd of others swarming the competitive market place? In other words, you must identify all the unique advantages that your product features have in comparison with your competition. And you must be able to articulate the disadvantages of your competition’s product in comparison with your product. A complete thorough MLM review is an exercise that you need to complete in order to accomplish this main objective.  Your goal is to position your product as a leader in the industry.

Since this article is about my MLM review on the Tampogo online shopping business,  I will be focusing on the numerous advantages that Tampogo have over their competition.  Unlike most discount shopping clubs that require a monthly membership fee of $20 on up, Tampogo is free to join.  You can easily sign up for a free account that is similar in the way you sign up for a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Amazon account.  What are the benefits to signing up for free?  Free access to bargain basement prices on your everyday purchases ranging from shoes, apparel, music,  electronics, nutritional products, health and wellness products, sports supplements,  weight loss products, jewelry, and more.  If you have a hunch that Tampogo is trying to snatch up a market share that Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com has been dominating for nearly two decades, you are absolutely correct.

There is one fact that I must make clear to you.  So far, there is no affiliate marketing company that offers the most popular selling items at bargain hunting prices like Amazon does.  The question that is probably lingering in your mind is how does Tampogo’s network marketing compensation plan differ from Amazon’s?  Let me remind you that Tampogo is the first MLM company that pays their customers an MLM type of compensation plan for the simple task of referring their friends and family to their discount shopping site.  Your friends and family can easily sign up for a free membership account and start the process of making money by referring their friends to their very own site.  Just remember that purchases have to be made in order for commissions to be paid out.

Does Amazon.com offer a money making opportunity based on the network marketing compensation plan and distribution channel? Unfortunately, they don’t. I was thinking to myself that if Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon in 1994) had launched his Amazon affiliate program using a network marketing business model, I truly believe that he would have been 10 times more wealthier today. Network marketing is the best way to go.  Just ask Donald Trump who has recently launched his network marketing company called The Trump Network.  Hopefully my Tampogo review has got you excited enough to this point.   

Success in the Tampogo network marketing business requires proper knowledge of how to effectively go about your word-of-mouth marketing activities. One way to go about it easily is to ask any of your friends if they have ever shopped at Amazon.com. And if so,  did Amazon pay them a commission?  I guarantee you that most of them will say no. Then your follow-up question can be: “Would you like to learn more about how to get paid from a company like Amazon.com?”  This will definitely peak their interest to the point where they want to find out more.  From there on,  you just let your Tampogo website do all the marketing work for you to help you minimize the possibility of being rejected.

Did you know that in the first 13 days of business,  Tampogo had achieved a milestone unheard of in the industry for their role in the feeding of 11,368 starving children around the world? This is just a beginning to their long term commitment to end world hunger.  Do you think you can make a difference in the number of lives you can save by the simple and caring act of sharing this humanitarian Tampogo story with everyone you encounter? I hope I have enlightened you with my Tampogo review. With this powerful information, you will not suffer any more from buyer’s remorse whatsoever because you are 100% sure that your own was not only thorough, but also helped you to realize the untapped and unmatched value of Tampogo’s MLM compensation plan and your unlimited access to rock bottom product discounts on your everyday purchases.

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