7 Fun Travel Jobs – Travel Jobs You’ll Love!

7 Fun Travel Jobs – Travel Jobs You’ll Love!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to travel, get paid, and have fun while doing it? Have you ever wondered what jobs you could get to do just that?

Let’s get real… some travel jobs are bearable. Others are FUN. So how do you get a job that’s a blast and gives you a worthwhile traveling experience, non-monotonous activities, and pleasures that verge on sinful? Let’s get right into it some of the jobs you could get:

1. Luxury Hotel Inspector

Living a suite life is a sweet life! If you are a luxury hotel inspector then you are one lucky son of a gun. You get to sleep on the most comfortable beds and eat the most delectable cuisines.

Hotel inspectors are naturally pampered by the hotel administration for good reason. Hotel managers put their best foot forward to these inspectors hoping to get on their better side. Surely, they want good reviews for better business.

As a result, luxury hotel inspectors get full amenities. From expansive pools to fully functional gyms! It’s living like a king… except that you get to visit many different palaces in just a few months time.

2.Food and Restaurant Critic

If you like food and dining then this job is just heaven. You simply go to different restaurants in different places that require your approval, eat their specialties and boss everyone around.

Food critics are VIPs in the restaurant world. And VIPs get all the perks. If you are one, you get to be a royalty for a few hours. Then, you get to do it again in a few days.

3.Musical Performer

Have you ever been on a vacation? Of course you have! And you know what was EVERYWHERE? Music! You know who has to create and play that music? People like you! Live music has to be in bars and party spots. Not only that, but stage musicians meet gorgeous people, drink with them, and do what they love. It is a hedonistic paradise for those who like to live the rock n’ roll life!

4.Medical Volunteer

If you are the helpful type, this is the job for you. You travel the world making a real difference and helping those in need and those who are not capable helping themselves. You will learn about different cultures and you are practically revered by the people you aid. There’s no better feeling than helping someone who can’t help themselves.

5.Professional Public Speaker

Speak in front of a crowd for a 45 minutes to a few hours and stay in posh hotels all over the world. Collect your check and repeat.

For experienced and reputable professional speakers, the job is short and easy, the pay is great, and the bonuses are just superb.

Imagine staying in a luxury hotel with people that recognize and admire you. You are a celebrity in their eyes and they tend to shower you with treats. Share your knowledge and inspiration while getting paid.

6.Adventure Film Maker

If you are an adrenaline junkie, or even just a travel junkie, why not document all your exploits on film? You can sell them to different outlets online and on television. Who knows, you may even become a star!

Established adventure film makers go to different locations to stage their next adventure with full financial backing. They get their adrenaline fix and a nice paycheck as well.

7.Travel Writer

If you like to travel and keep a journal of your experiences then you can be a travel writer. If your material is good, many publishing outfits will pay you and your travels just to get hold on your next journal entry.

You are simply doing what you love. And someone is paying you for it! Life can never be better.

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