Computer TV Software Reviews – Software Reviews for Online TV

Computer TV Software Reviews – Software Reviews for Online TV

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What is an Internet Computer TV Software?

This is basically a software that enables you to watch satellite TV via your computer. The computer TV softwares are configured to automatically access the internet websites of TV networks, logging you in to video and audio TV streaming via the internet.

The nature of online TV is that it is global and therefore is available all over the world. Likewise, there are over 70 different countries TV networks featured in any one satellite TV software for computers. What then this does for you is avail over 3,000 free world TV tuner stations at the touch of a mouse.

How do I get TV on my computer?

There are three main ways that you can view computer on TV.

Computer to TV Connector by Using Free TV Online Websites

The first and absolutely free way to display computer on TV is by accessing the free online TV websites. There are several websites that offer free satellite TV for PC including, and many others.

Due to the large number of people looking for free TV, these websites are usually congested and you will be lucky to watch free online TV for more than 10 minutes straight. You could give it a shot after reading this article just to make sure.

Free TV on computer through installing PC TV cards

The other method get TV on your computer is by buying one of those PC TV cards. These are slotted into your computer and come with an inbuilt TV tuner toolbar that you activate by use of a special PCTV software. If you have no knowledge on the internal workings of your computer hard drives, you will be better off hiring the services of a computer technician to manually install the PCTV card.

An external aerial is required in order to receive the TV signals from satellite transmitter stations. The broadcasts you will receive are mostly Free-To-Air TV channels but at least you will be able to capture such news channels like BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and FOX News.

Computer TV software-What are they and how do they work?

The last method that you can watch TV on your computer monitor is by download of a computer TV software. This is the more recent development that enables you to capture satellite TV through the internet. Unlike the free online TV websites, this method of accessing TV online is not congested.

You are able to watch seamless video and audio TV streaming from many global countries. This method of watching internet TV is especially useful to people living ways from home in a third country.

The Computer TV softwares are especially a favorite with Expats, travelers, people on mission work in Africa, diplomats, and immigrants to the USA. The TV softwares for computer offer over 3000 TV channels to chose from and TV is available in over 70 languages.


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