Travel Light, Travel Europe With A Convertible Backpack

Travel Light, Travel Europe With A Convertible Backpack

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I am one of those people who love and enjoy traveling. Moreover, I am also one of those people who are very budget conscious when traveling. For that reason, I always make sure to have the greatest deals in every travel or vacation I take.

How do I do that? Well, I look for promos and I plan ahead of time. In addition to that, I make sure to have no check-in baggage when traveling through planes. The reason is traveling lightly can save me money not only on plane tickets but also on other things such as my accommodation, as I don’t need bigger rooms, and in transportation, as I don’t need a cab.

Therefore, what I did is I bought a convertible backpack from Well, thankfully, they have plenty of items to choose from but after reading a few reviews and comparing one with another, I decided to buy the eBags Weekender eTech Convertible. Moreover, luckily, I made the right decision for doing so.

With this great convertible backpack, my wife and I were able to travel France and Italy in three weeks considering that I have a female companion with many needs. Since this bag has plenty of packets, we were able to organize things such as maps, receipts, travel itineraries, passports, wallets and many other things. The bag is like a carry-on suitcase due to its size but it is very flexible as it can be converted into a backpack. Thus, we were able to disguise it as such especially when I am the one who is carrying it as my wife has a smaller body frame as compared to mine. I am six feet tall wherein she is only five feet tall. So, she just carry our other smaller backpack.

In addition to that, there are side buckles on the bag that helped us in cinching it further. Thus, the bag becomes smaller. This is then easier to place on overhead bins. Since we traveled a lot during those three weeks, wherein in we visited 6 different cities and we mostly rode the Eurail system, we used a small lock in our Weekender eTech. This is for added security and to ensure that the zippers are closed as we travel.

Just a precaution on women, as this may look very bulgy for you. Nevertheless, generally, this bag is high recommendable especially for those people who loves traveling on a budget like me. It is also perfect for couples who just want to elope on a weekend with a single bag on hand.


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