Travel tours reviews- A review of the different types of tours available today

Travel tours reviews- A review of the different types of tours available today

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You may think that it will be necessary for you to read hundreds of travel tour reviews in order to get the best travel deals for yourself. This should not be so, as long as you are familiar with the main features of the different types of tours available, you can always figure out which one will be the most suitable for your needs. The most prominent types of travel tours around today are; Guided or escorted tours, Self Guided trips, special interest trips, and Adventurous trips.

Guided tours involve trips in which some trained individuals will take you around the travel destination, explaining the details behind every features of the location. Guided tours help viewing the travel packages that are worth spending money as expenses on accommodation, meals, tips and viewing expenditures. Guided tours are often included in a more general travel plan; it can just serve as an integral part of a wider travel plan. Your travel agent will normally provide you details about the choices you can make {including prices of different packages} before you set out on your journey. 

Self Guided trips often involve an individual person on tour of a number of places. The vacation trip price often excludes those of accommodation and transportation. Since it normally involves a single person, it can be planned before or after arriving at primary destination spot. The tour package for a self guided trip 
is non existant. The new term is backpacking or flashpacking which involves stays in more expensive accommodation. This kind of travel is high fun but can be inefficient in some ways as you have to spend time working out travel as you go.

In between is the Excursion and Guided Tours

Becoming more popular than other forms of trips these days, this is due to the fact that people with common interest can actually come together and explore more avenues to create special bonds within each other. Such trips often involve groups of people with special interest in social issues, religious affiliations, educational interests or even sport interests but for sure the common interest is in the destination! These forms of travel tour often become cheaper because it involves quite a number of people and the total amount that will be spent by individuals will be more than what will be collected for the group. Prices of accommodation, meals, sight-seeing and other miscellaneous expenses are shared among the participants or included in the fee, check before you pay.

Adventurous trips could organize for groups of people or for an individual. It often involves several adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, kayaking, snow-shoeing, Hiking, mountain biking, and many others. Aside lodging and meals, the individual or group of people will need to pay for special excursions and even transport from their primary place of accommodation to the adventure sites.


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