Watch Gulliver’s Travels Movie 2010 Review Online

Watch Gulliver’s Travels Movie 2010 Review Online

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You guessed it: he’s tied down again. I’m beginning to think that the people designing these have some sort of strange fetish. “But it’s okay! See, this time we’re showing him from a different perspective! And look at that piece of gum on his shoe! Isn’t that wacky and outrageous?” Three words: Go to hell. Also, the next person that forces me to stare at Jack Black’s crotch gets punched in the throat.

Despite the fact that it stars a bunch of actors I like, including Jack Black, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, I keep forgetting that Gulliver’s Travels is coming out this Christmas– and after finally watching the teaser trailer this morning, I realize I’m probably doing myself a favor. Yes, it’s entirely possible there’s a hilarious movie buried under there, but given that the trailer hits on every joke you expect from a movie about a man who lands on an island populated by tiny people, I’m not holding out hope for much.

As if to drive home the point that there’s not enough originality here, a new poster for the film debuted today at Fandango, and it’s not just alarmingly similar to the poster we already saw back in June, but it’s pretty much the exact same image spotted at Cannes in May. Clearly they’ve found their best advertising image and they’re running with it, but for a fantasy film all about the crazy possibilities of landing in a weird new world, they sure don’t seem to have much to show us.

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