World Ventures Travel Reviews

World Ventures Travel Reviews

Can a newbie or seasoned network marketer make real residual income with the worldventures travel biz? One of my good friends and mentors in the network marketing industry just joined and so I’ve been taking a serious look at it. This article is a unique unbias review of the worldventures biz as I am a network marketer and company outsider. It will describe the MLM travel industry, the world ventures packages and how to build a successful network marketing organization.

Plano Texas is where Worldventures was born in 2005. This seems to be a business of great integrity that is well on its way to becoming the worlds larges discount travel company. Did you know the travel industry makes up just under half of the money that is currently being spent on the internet? It’s crazy!!

The signature product of WorldVentures is their Dream Trips package.A one time start up fee allows you access to worldventures and your first dream trip.

The travel industry accounts for forty three percent of the money changing hands online. The travel industry is by far the largest industry in the world. The trillion dollar industry is projected to double over the next 5 years. Combined with the network marketing industry that is currently experiencing record growth this could be the perfect storm if Worldventures can pull it off.

With millions of people looking for a plan b in the face of economic crisis the home biz industry is experiencing a massive flood of new prospects.The majority of network marketing companies offer very little real marketing training and it is no different with worldventures. New members are taught to build a “warm list” of family, friends and other unqualified prospects.

To find success in worldventures or any other MLM opportunity you must have a constant stream of new leads and prospects. A warm market will always eventually dry up and you will need a new system for getting qualified prospects to join you. Notice I said “quality” prospects. You don’t want just anyone joining your business. If your in network marketing for long term passive income (and you should be), you need to be finding serious business builders instead of “get rich quick” losers. This means you need to be marketing to existing network marketers. The highest quality prospect for a home based business is an existing home based business owner. This audience will only join you if you are an authority and a leader. You demonstrate this by promoting yourself first and your company second. This is the secret to attracting hungry entrepreneurs to your World Ventures organization

Combining the trillion dollar travel industry and the exploding network marketing arena is certainly a recipe for success. But without real world marketing training you will be another casualty of these two unforgiving industries.

Adam Chandler – About the Author: Learn to attract 10-30 hungry new reps per month to super charge the growth of your world ventures travel biz. Build any network marketing business opportunity using cutting edge online strategies via the worlds #1 attraction marketing system.

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