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Zamzuu Travel And Shopping Review – Is This A Good Opportunity? Can You Achieve Zamzuu Success?

ZamZuu launched as a subsidiary of YTB and is an online shopping portal that pays out cash-back on purchases that you would normaly make at retail stores such as Kmart etc.

Members may save money by doing their shopping through the portal and earn commissions on those purchases as well as bringing on other members into the opportunity

ZamZuu Review – The Opportunity

ZamZuu offers its shopping opportunity through it’s members and a network marketing model. Members may grow a business and earn commissions through a compensation plan.  While most members may start out strong through marketing to their friends and family, they will soon burn out and kill their growth when they run out of people to market to.

REAL marketing skills that are necessary to master for moving beyond the warm market include targeted marketing and finding prospects who are specifically looking for what you have to offer.  This targeted strategy helps the business builder to not waste time chasing people who could care less.

To build a REAL business, targeted marketing coupled with key marketing techniques to leverage the power of the internet and the written word are necessary for the serious business builder to learn how to master if they are serious about long-term, sustainable business growth.

ZamZuu Review – Summary

ZamZuu is a legitimate company who looks to be set for the long haul targeted for today’s convenience society. This is a good niche for the serious business builder who would be willing to learn the necessary marketing skills to really be able to build a profitable business.


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